The Rose Corporation


The Rose Corporation is a boutique real estate development and asset management firm with deeply rooted experience in bringing vibrant and highly sought after communities to life. Their commitment to preservation and respect for heritage is one of the company’s guiding principles.

Rose has decades of experience as a builder/developer in a wide range of real estate classes. Founded in 1982 by Sam Reisman, The Rose Corporation has been involved in the development of residential, retirement and commercial properties – always with a focus on exceptional architecture, outstanding construction and the creation of properties that retain and grow their value over time.

Rose is renowned for pairing their talents with top architectural and interior design firms to ensure outstanding results.

Their development of King George School Lofts and Town Homes is more than preserving a building; its transformation will revitalize a beloved heritage property and infuse it with new life and purpose.



As proponents of an architectural style they’ve coined Human Architecture, Audax takes pride in creating beautiful buildings and spaces for people to work, live and thrive. Human Architecture stems from the belief that many of the best aspects of traditional architecture were lost during the modern period; and from the recognition that modern design is a popular aesthetic within our culture today. By looking at the past through the lens of Modernism, Audax is able to bring the tactile and human-scaled elements that were lost during the Modern period back into contemporary design. The results of this approach are buildings and interior spaces that appeal to those who admire the warmth and detailing of traditional architecture but also appreciate a modern aesthetic.

Audax has won numerous awards and recognitions for their work including prestigious accolades from the OAA, AZURE, BILD, City of Toronto, Heritage Toronto and others.

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