Newmarket, one of the oldest communities in Ontario, was founded on the Upper Canadian frontier in 1801 by Quakers from the United States. Fur traders, entrepreneurs, millers, and many others would soon follow, some seeking independence, some looking for wealth, and above all seeking a good life. The community was at the heart of the 1837 Rebellion, found prosperity when it became a stop on the colony’s first railway, and sent military personnel to every war in Canada’s history since the War of 1812. Once a terminal on the street railway from Toronto to Lake Simcoe, Newmarket also bears the remnants of an abandoned 19th-century barge canal. It was the seat of the York County government and today is the headquarters for the Region of York. Behind these events and many others that have shaped Newmarket’s history are its people. Craftsmen, the core of the community, aspiring or experienced politicians including Family Compact members, rebels, war heroes, and even a frontier doctor who lived to the age of 118.


Today, while the newer part of Newmarket has grown into a suburban community for Toronto, with dozens of neighbourhoods surrounding the expansive Upper Canada Mall, Old Newmarket remains a hidden gem. Here authentic village-living is still possible. Here life takes on a more distinctive tone; one characterized more by individuality than conformity. Here is a real Ontario town where people know their neighbours and where a stroll down Main Street puts you in the heart of a small town community.

Newmarket has grown into a modern city that offers all the advantages of urban living in a charming tight knit community. The City has grown and prospered to over 90,000 people. Its growth has been facilitated by several factors: its easy commute to Toronto via extended highways and GO Transit, the South Lake Regional Health Centre and growth in new home neighbourhoods, which offer better value than homes closer to Toronto.

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