Original Team

Contractor and architect circa 1912, McIntosh and O.E Trench built Newmarket’s oldest public learning institute. Trench’s inspiration of classic 20th-century architecture paired with Mr. McIntosh’s construction expertise resulted in a final product that reflected exceptional quality and workmanship know today as the iconic King George School.

New Visionaries

The visionary partnership of The Rose Corporation with Audax Architecture & Interior Design has created an architectural masterpiece at King George School Lofts and Town Homes. Their commitment to preservation, respect for the historical community and dedication in honouring the surrounding neighbourhood were this team’s guiding principles.

Pioneer from Newmarket’s Past

Thomas Jaffray Robertson was born in Dublin in 1841. He came to Canada with his family in 1847 where he eventually studied law, practicing in Napanee and Petrolia before setting up his own practice in Newmarket.


Jackie Playter has lived in Newmarket and worked tirelessly to promote the economic development of the downtown for the past several decades.

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